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Medication Release Form 2024

EFry Blue Sky Summer Camp Medication Procedure: Camp Counselors will not be responsible for the administration of medication. If your child is on prescribed medication from a physician, the child must be able to self-administer the appropriate dosage and the Counselor will observe/supervise this process. Medication MUST be stored in its original container with the name of the prescribing physician, dosage, expiry date and child’s name, clearly labeled and readable by Camp staff. In case of a life-threatening situation where a child carries medication such as an Epi-Pen or asthma inhaler, should the child be unable to administer the dosage, staff will assist with administering the medication. If your child carries an inhaler or epinephrine pen Camp staff must be notified in writing and your child must know how to self-administer these specific types of medication.
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