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Kids 'condemned to silence'   (39.21 KB )
Theresa McManus, The Royal City Record, May 25, 2012
Elizabeth Fry Society helps kids whose parents are in prison...
Reading program keeps prisoners, families connected   (37.09 KB )
Zoe McKnight, Vancouver Sun, May 16, 2012
Elizabeth Fry aims to lessen stigma of having a parent in jail...
Shawn Bayes speaks to CFAX's Murray Langdon about JustKids
Murray Langdon, CFAX, May 14, 2012
Radio clip from Victoria's CFAX 1070 on the Murray Langdon show from 10:35 to noon, featuring Shawn Bayes of the Elizabeth Fry Society talking about JustKids.
EFry's Storybook Program at Surrey Pretrial Services Centre
The Province of BC, February 10, 2011
EFry works with BC Corrections to connect incarcerated parents and their children through our Storybook Program.
Elizabeth Fry Storybook Program   ( MP3 9.44 MB)
CBC Radio Early Edition, December 24, 2010
Elizabeth Fry Camp   ( WMV 3.99 MB)
CBC News, July 29, 2010
More than 5000 kids in BC currently have a parent behind bars and it can be tough to enjoy summer when your mom or dad isn't at home. A new summer camp is helping some of those kids feel better.
Children of prisoners camp interview with Shawn Bayes   ( MP3 2.55 MB)
Early Edition with Rick Cluff, CBC Radio, July 26, 2010
A Vancouver summer camp is bringing together a very special group of children: each of them has a parent in the correctional system. The program is the first of its kind in Canada.
Help kids be kids   (396.41 KB )
Theresa McManus, The Record, July 14, 2010
The Elizabeth Fry Association of Vancouver is ensuring that children are able to experience some summer fun. The association is introducing free summer day camps as part of its program to support the unique needs of children who have parents involved in the justice system.
EFry day camps teach coping and leadership skills   (593.56 KB )
New Westminster News Leader, July 12, 2010
The Elizabeth Fry Association of Vancouver (EFry) will be holding week-long summer day camps for children with parents in trouble with the law.
Summer camps offer free fun for Vancouver kids affected by justice system   (293.12 KB )
Shadi Elien, Georgia Straight, July 7, 2010
The executive director of the Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver doesn't think the Canadian government is providing any programs that fit the "special and very unique needs" of children whose parents have found themselves tied up in the criminal justice system.